Spring 2016 Jesuits Magazine - Individual Stories
 Jesuits Magazine - Spring 2016  

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Pope Francis Answers 
Little Kids’ 
Big Questions

Invitations to Encounter 
By Matthew Ippel, SJ
Grace upon Grace: 
Fr. George Sullivan, SJ

A Jesuit Lawyer 
by Nate Romano, SJ

For Others 
By Abby Deatherage 

A Life-Changing Transplant Unites Jesuit Brothers in Faith 

Edin Barrera, SJ and Ryen Dwyer, SJ

Social Entrepreneurship: 
Not Just Business as Usual 
By Brian Harper 

Fr. Phil Cooke, SJ 
Fr. Nicky Santos, SJ
Christine Curran: Ignatian Volunteer Corps 
Transforming Lives 

By Jeremy Langford

Finding God on a TV Screen 
By Fr. Jim McDermott, SJ

Responding to a 
Pope of Surprises 
What Is Francis Really Saying About Climate Change and Economic Inequality? 

By Fr. Dennis Hamm, SJ
Jesuit Refugee Service Launches 
Mercy in Motion Campaign 

By Christian Fuchs, Angela Wells, and Jacquelyn Pavilon

Assignments and In Memoriam

Meeting Homeless Jesus 
By Fr. Tim McCabe, SJ


2016 International Pilgrimages

The Circle of Companions

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A New Publication of the Midwest Jesuits 

Our new Jesuits magazine continues a long tradition of sharing the stories and works of the Chicago-Detroit and Wisconsin Provinces. As we come together to form a new province, we remain grateful for the partners and companions who make our mission possible.